Would you rather have a website you could control? Or a website that holds you hostage?

(Why do developers insist on creating websites in a way that makes you feel trapped in your own website?)

Stressed about your website?When you ask a developer to create a new website for you, the most important feeling is to take “ownership” of the website. And “ownership” means you should be able to do whatever you want; to be able to control the website like you want.

So let’s say you want to post new information, or upload photographs, or change the layout—you should be able to do it easily and quickly. You should be able to have a considerable bit of control without having to go to your developer. And without feeling that you can’t do what you want to do. The website should be a tool that helps you do all the things that you want to do, rather than a hindrance.

Yet most websites hold you hostage

What many website developers usually do is customize the website in such a way that if you post a blog entry or a page it may not look the way you want. Or the developer may create a gallery for you, but that’s the “only” gallery that you can add photos to. If you want to create another gallery of your own, you don’t really know how to do it.

So you feel kind of STUCK with what you have been given. You’re not able to improve or scale or extend your website. You’re not able to add things you want. This makes the website owner feel trapped. It’s like having a website, but not being able to do much more than the ‘two things’ that the developer has taught the website owner to do. And this creates immense frustration and the feeling of being caught in a hostage situation.

Here is Angela Barbi’s Story

Angela Barbi - EPC Art Courses

There was also the problem of distance. Audrey lived far away—very far! It’s not as if I would ever see her, or get to phone her, or if necessary drive to her. That’s because she’s more than 10,000 km away

It took me a while to decide to ask Audrey at Stressless Web to build my site. Yes, I was hesitating. Despite she was recommended by two different people that I appreciate and whose opinion I respect very much. Yes, I hesitated.

To finally make up my mind I went the long winding road. Wow, VERY winding.

After some years of really bad experiences with several webmasters who would be unprofessional and wouldn’t allow me to have any control over my site, my head came to its senses and contacted Audrey of StressLessWeb. She had been advised to me previously and for some reason didn’t get her to be my web developer until these experiences got worse.

The StressLess Journey
Yes, you guessed it! Finally, after being thrown out into the wolves’ mouth, my head came to its senses and contacted Audrey of StressLessWeb.

From the start, I couldn’t believe how good she was!

From day 1, she analysed my old website, bit by bit—and that was before I agreed to give her the job! It was a thorough, clear, neutral analysis, and in great depth.

And I absolutely agreed with everything! How could she see what I had been complaining about all the time? And how would she be able to structure it in such a simple and clever way?

And yet, she did. I got a proposal: simple, clear, efficient, realistic, intelligent. Her price was more than reasonable.

That’s when my heart started to beat in my chest. Will that be true? Not completely believing anything other than I’d have even more problems with my website.

There was also the problem of distance. Audrey lived far away—very far! It’s not as if I would ever see her, or get to phone her, or if necessary drive to her. That’s because she’s more than 10,000 km away.

I was reluctant, but the butterflies in my stomach said: go ahead, come on, go for it!

Ah, breath in—Best decision ever!!!!

There was an immediate response to my emails with solutions, or advice, or tutorials!

She even helped me with my old eShop, spent time researching, found partial solutions while the new one was being made. She didn’t bother me with constant requests for material to send, decisions to make. No bother at all.

Then I saw the first draft, and that’s when I fell in love with StressLessWeb.

Yes! No questions asked, she knew what I needed and managed to do it. Not only that, much better than I could ever have worked it out by myself. Much, much better!

Every step that followed since then, just made the website better—perfecting perfection, as it were. More options and more solutions. Always finding the solution, never getting stuck at a problem.

I, as a teacher for more than 30 years, would give Audrey a 10+, or a 12 if there was such a thing. She’s managed to make an easy-to-understand-for everybody website, with taste and balanced in content and design.

And you know how all this was achieved? With NO STRESS on my part!! That’s unbelievable, but Audrey does the thinking, the decision making, the helping hand, the adviser, without you noticing it.

She can do it for three reasons:

  1. Her very strong technical background and qualifications.
  2. A very systematic, practical mind, down to earth, that will simplify your most complicated problems.
  3. Her good heart. Because she cares for her customers, she’s not indifferent. She looks after them and tries to be fair, and does what’s best for them.

Also she’s made sure that I can manage on my own website from now on, and I won’t depend on her for every single thing I have to do. She’ll “train” me with her tutorials or direct help. Then I’ll be independent and happy!

I know she’ll always be there for any sudden panic attacks I may go through—or mess ups that I will surely make. She’ll be there. Or available for future projects.

At long last my website is user friendly, attractive, and it works perfectly! My customers can find me much more easily than before so my sales are increasing.

Wow, how long it took me to find you StressLessWeb!!

Can I recommend them?

Absolutely, 100%!! with total confidence and trust in her capacity, knowledge, customer service, efficiency, reasonable price, hard work, caring attitude.

The distance has never been a problem, Audrey understands what my customer needs and puts my mind and soul to a rest. Thank you Audrey, a million thanks for being one in a million!

So my long winding road to StressLessWeb has a happy ending. I just wonder why it took me so long to realize how good it was!

Will you be as silly as me, or do you belong to the sharp ones?

Angela Barbi - EPC Art Courses

Angela Barbi,
Girona, Spain
EPC Art Courses

Introducing StressLessWeb: Where You No Longer Need To Be A Hostage

StressLessWeb is about creating websites that reduce stress. Websites that are not about the developer, but about you. So StressLessWeb helps you to do the following:

Take Control Of Your Website1) Help You Take Control: Most website owners are just like you and me. They’re intelligent folks who just need some direction. We can all use these web-tools if we are taught how to use them in a simple manner. StressLessWeb shows you how to use the tools on your website with simple, accurate documentation.

2) Help Create A Powerful Sense of Design: Design is packaging. And packaging counts because it’s often seen before the content. Hence the business owner needs to know how to create a tidy and engaging set of pages. This means you can then make the articles or pages or blog entries look just right without having to learn a whole bunch of new things.

This gives you, the website owner, a certain level of comfort which is more important than just having a website which is not quite in your control. And yet the biggest concern is: Will the website meet my requirements?

Why meeting your requirements is important
Every website is totally different from the next. Your website needs to do what you need it to do. You may want a blog, or want to publish articles on a daily basis, or want Facebook and Twitter to work, so you don’t have to make repeated posts or create repeated pages over and over again. Meeting the requirements are critical, and most developers just ignore these factors because they’re in their own world.

The biggest factor is that you want it to meet your expectations in every respect—that’s what’s most important!

Which is why you’ll like StressLessWeb “Three-Stage” Guarantee
You don’t want to go from one end to the other end and realize, “I don’t like how this website has turned out”. So you’d want stages to make sure that you’re in control at every stage. Our “Three Stage Guarantee” shows you what to expect in every stage. You get an outline of what will be done at every stage, and then the stage will be rolled out. Only when you approve the stage and are happy, do we go ahead to the next stage. That gives you the surety that you’ll know exactly what’s happening and be in control of the rollout of the website.

So why work with StressLessWeb?
For one, you’ll get a website that you’ve always wanted. But what makes StressLessWeb unique is that we transfer the power and control to you as the website owner. When you get your website you will need to know how to run it. And what you’d need is documentation and tutorials, so you know where to find things, how to manage the site and how to have the necessary tools to go forward.  The more you have control, the more comfortable you’ll be. And should you need any additional help, we’re always around to get rid of the “stress” :)

So what do I do next?

Go to the How it Works page to get more information.

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