How it Works

These are the simple and quick steps we will follow to develop your website

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  • Step I: Tell us what kind of website you need
  • Step II: Discussion between us to understand the elements you need in your website
  • Step III: In about 3 weeks from Step II, you get a Website that you can control completely

How we will go about doing it

    • Stage 1: Getting the elements together

We will collect all the customizable elements of your website. Things like your personalized banner, the tag line that goes under the banner, images and content. All these elements go towards making your website exclusively yours and represent your business to the world.

    • Stage 2: Deciding on a layout

We will select a WordPress theme based on your requirements. No theme is perfect and very rarely will you find a theme that will meet your needs completely. Once we select the most apt theme for you, we will customize the theme. Customizing involves designing the right color scheme, fonts and creating a friendly uncluttered and easy to navigate website. This is what will create a completely unique layout for your website.

We will then create the pages and other features that we agree upon. These pages would generally be Home, About, Contact etc. And it will include any other pages you have specified. Other features could include shopping carts, Forums, Galleries, Events etc. A blog can also be included as part of your website but you can choose to have it enabled immediately or enable it yourself in the future.

The style of the layout and the pages gives your website a structure on which you can continue to add content as you get familiar with the use of your website.

    • Stage 3: Proof of website

Initially, if you do not have an existing website, we will develop a demo of your website on our own development site. You will be able to approve your website based on the choices made in Stage 1 and Stage 2. This stage is important as you get to see what your website looks like and you can make any changes to improve the site.

    • Stage 4: Go-live

After we get your approval at Stage 3, we will port the demo site to your new domain (website) and you will be on your way. Don’t worry we will provide you with documentation, so that you are self-sufficient and can make easy changes with confidence.

What you have to provide

  • Domain and Hosting: If you do not currently have a domain name and hosting plan you will have to purchase it. If all this is new and confusing to you not to worry we can help by recommending some options and providing any guidance you might need.
  • Customized Banners, Logos and Images that we discussed in Stage 1: If you do not have any Logos or Banners, we can create a clean and professional banner with your business name.
  • Content for your Pages: You will have to provide us with the content for your pages that we talked about in Stage 2. After all it is your website and you say it best :-)

Have a website – Just need to make a few changes?

Yes! we do that too. We can get it done at an hourly rate. Or to make it cost effective for you, we can create a mini project of your changes. And provide you with a fixed cost quote. Contact us to get started.

Next Steps

Wondering what to do next?

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