EPC Art Courses

Angela’s story began as a teacher at the ripe old age of 15. A journey that started with teaching her friend French, led to organizing student exchange programs, which led to organizing Painting Holidays in Spain.Catalonia offers breathtaking landscapes, mountains, historical buildings, excellent food, and the best beaches in Spain. It is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing painting holiday with like-minded individuals who you can truly connect with.

Angela’s main goal for customers is to make them feel at home – and she achieves that easily with her warm and friendly personality.

Angela already had a website when she approached us. But she had several issues with her website which were preventing her from utilizing it to its full potential.

The site was hard to navigate. Customers were unable to locate the information they were looking for. Customers could not easily find upcoming courses, and the ordering process was hard to understand.

It has so many problems and it’s confusing, resulting in difficult business.

She was losing sales and had unhappy customers. The website was her selling device and it was holding her back.

We worked closely with Angela to understand her unique needs (Each course had discounts such as Non-Painters discount, and add-ons such as Single-Room supplement, Easel Rentals, etc).

We organized her courses using an easy-to-use Calendar plugin and integrated it with a Shopping Cart for a seamless user experience. We created Tutorial videos for customers to explain the ordering process even though it is very simple.

Another difficulty faced by Angela that she was unable to make changes to her website easily. So we created video tutorials customized especially for her. The video tutorials explain how to do tasks such as create new Products, add Courses, add Testimonials, change the video on her Homepage, etc.

Here is Angela’s reaction to her new website and her experience with StressLessWeb. Her generosity and praise is humbling—it’s what keeps us going :-)

I must say I Love the way the shop works, how easy it the whole process is, it’s very clear what you’re buying and how to do it all along the process. For me that’s so hard to believe! it’s just what I wanted, simple “idiot proof” steps, it takes a lot of intelligence to set up something like that simple. None of my previous webmaster could understand what I needed. Well done!

I used to be a teacher in a highschool (over 25 years), so I know how difficult it is to transmit a message, some knowledge to a group, let alone to hundreds of variations of people, different ages, skills, minds, cultures, nationalities. The only way is to make it simple, and definitely you’ve succeeded in that.

So far you’ve made my life very “stressless” and I’m delighted, many thanks… exactly what I needed.


EPC Art Courses - Homepage

Marc’s Massage

Healing and Massage have been a lifelong passion for Marc. But Marc doesn’t just massage, he provides a healing therapy.Marc is also a pastry chef by profession and has incorporated his healing attitude into a love for good, wholesome, revitalizing food.Marc’s website included several different elements which made it fun — It had a Forum open to Free Registrants, Integration with Mailchimp for his Newsletter, a Gift Certificate which can be purchased via PayPal, and even a Recipe blog where the Recipes are displayed using Custom Post Types (Use of Custom Post Types means that Marc can simply fill in special form fields and the recipe gets displayed in a specific format).

Within two days of the website going live Marc started receiving enquiries and customers through the website! Yay!

Along with having multiple talents, Marc is also very ambitious! No sooner was his Massage website live, Marc started pushing to get his next project off the ground — A Health Food Shop where you an buy health foods, organic fruit and vegetable, vitamins and supplements, and personal and home care products. That promises to be fun as well! :-)


Marc's Massage Homepage

ML’s EZ Fat Loss

Milton is a CTA Certified Professional Coach who has helped many people achieve their weight-loss goals. He is not your stereotypical weight-loss person with six-pack abs. But as a CTA CPC, he deeply believes that to really help your clients it is best if you have experienced what they are experiencing. He went through his own journey of weight gain and weight loss.

Milton is very methodical and extremely organized and oh-so easy to talk to.

It was a pleasure working with Milton and being a small part of bringing his dream project to life.


ML's EZ Fat Loss

Rochester International Dance Studio

Rochester Internation Dance Studio is run by Sadiya who has a passion for dance – and for providing a fun, safe, and accepting dance studio for women and families.

In 2002, Sadiya suffered a head injury at a fundraiser for her nonprofit. It was a freak accident that changed her life completely. During her rehabilitation, her physical therapist suggested that she take a dance class to help in the recovery. She found a local belly dance teacher in North Carolina (Aziza Fadwa) and the journey began.

Because of this experience, Sadiya and her dance studio specializes in the compassionate acceptance of injury, chronic illness, life transitions, lack of coordination or any other potential obstacle that keeps the rest of us from pursuing the joys of dance.

She is expecially cognizant of the importance of service for and acceptance of all women.

Not to mention Sadiya is technically savy and not afraid of diving into the innards of WordPress. This made it a breeze to work with Sadiya :-) !


Rochester Internation Dance Header Screenshot

Jenny Friedland Psychology

Jenny is a psycho-dynamically trained psychotherapist with particular interest in Object Relations and Attachment theory. She specializes in family and couple relationships, and lives and works in Sydney, Australia. She has had her own private practice for the last 15 years, working with individual adults and couples.

It was time for her to expand and take her business to the next level — which is when she contacted us to create her website.

Jenny was intensely focused and quite involved in the development of her website. She had prepared all the content for her website up front and had a very good idea of how the sitemap would look and how the different pages would link to each other.

It was a joy working with Jenny!


About Jenny Friedland

Gondhalekar.com – A Personal Photo Showcase

Gondhalekar.com is a website created to showcase the work of avid photographer and serial hobbyist Mangesh Gondhalekar.

Mangesh specializes in black & white photography — but is not afraid to let some color creep in once in a while. He like to shoot landscapes, portraits, and occasionally, cityscapes. His passion for photography started in the while hiking the rugged mountains of the Western Ghats on the west cost of India.

He is a self-professed serial hobbyist — he likes to dabble in new things — but believes in always giving it his all. He also enjoys Biking, Hiking, Travelling, and Snowboarding. He codes for a living and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Gondhalekar.com Home

The Uniqueness Mastery Workshop

Sean has run many successful workshops. He believes that learning is about having fun — not just another information dump. And it’s about food, wine and time to regenerate. There’s a time to learn and a time to just let the learning seep in.

That’s what a Psychotactics workshop is all about. You go back refreshed and with a plan — and not more confused than ever before. And hey, you get to meet Elmo!

The uniquenessmastery website is a microblog created specifically for Sean’s workshop conducted in the summer of 2012 (Summer in the northern hemisphere that is :-) )


The Brain Audit Book

www.BrainAudit.com is more than a show case for the book the same name. It is a resource for the same small business community that will find this book invaluable.

The design for the website was created by Sean (the author). In addition to being a marketing guru, he has a strong sense of design and aesthetics.

It was fun to work on this website!


The Brain Audit - Home

Alvaro Castagnet

Alvaro Castagnet is a world renowned watercolor artist. Alvaro has been recognized with top international honors for his painting and his art graces the walls of many private and corporate collectors worldwide.

Alvaro is in constant demand for solo exhibitions, workshops and instruction. His expert eye is highly sought after as a juror of prestigious art shows. He is the winner of numerous esteemed national and international painting awards from such prestigious organizations as the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society (USA), and the Camberwell Art Show.

Alvaro Castagnet’s main studio is located in Montevideo, Uruguay.


Alvaro Castagnet

The Grand Circle

The website that started our story :-) .

We created this website as our little corner in the Wild Wild Web that documented our travels through Utah’s breathtaking rockscapes. The Grand Circle is an imaginary route covering the following National Parks and National Monuments: Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches, Canyonlands, Mesa Verde, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon and the Grand Canyon. The scenery is so breathtaking that after a few days one can easily get numb.

When we were planning our two week trip, we found lots of resources on the web describing how to plan the trip and what to see – almost too many. We wanted a resource that quote simply told us exactly how to spend our two weeks on the colorado plateau. We found no such resource. So we decided to create our own website.

At this time the website only documents our own trip.

Quite soon it will have a mini-itinerary that can be used by anyone with 12 days to visit the Grand Circle.

Visit Grand Circle