Is your website holding you hostage?

Do you have a panic attack at the thought of making the slightest change?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a website that empowers you instead?

When you commission a new website, the most important outcome is taking “ownership” of the website. “Ownership” means you should be able to do whatever you want; to be able to control the website like you want.

So let’s say you want to post new information, or upload photographs, or change the layout—you should be able to do it easily and quickly. You should have a complete control without having a sleepless night. The website should be a tool that helps you get with your core business without being a hindrance.

Take charge brave soul

Yet most websites hold you hostage.

All too often websites are customized in such a way that if you post a blog entry or a page it may not look the way you want. Or the website may have a gallery, but that’s the “only” gallery that you can add photos to. If you want to create another gallery of your own, you don’t really know how to do it.

So you feel kind of STUCK with what you have been given. You’re not able to improve or scale or extend your website. You’re not able to add things you want. This makes the website owner feel trapped. It’s like having a website, but not being able to do much more than the ‘two things’ that you have managed to learn to do.

And this creates immense frustration and the feeling of being caught in a hostage situation.

Introducing StressLessWeb: Where you no longer need to be a hostage

StressLessWeb is about creating websites that reduce stress. Websites that are not about us, but about you.

To achieve this we:

1) Help You Take Control: Most website owners are just like you and me. They’re intelligent folks who just need some direction. We can all use these web-tools if we are taught how to use them in a simple manner. StressLessWeb shows you how to use the tools on your website with simple, accurate documentation.

2) Create A Powerful Sense of Design: Design is packaging. And packaging counts because it’s often seen before the content. Hence the business owner needs to know how to create a tidy and engaging set of pages. This means you can then make the articles or pages or blog entries look just right.

This gives you, the website owner, a certain level of comfort which is more important than just having a website which is not quite in your control. And yet the biggest concern is: Will the website meet my requirements?

The website you always wanted
Yes, you can have the website you have always wanted!

Why meeting your requirements is important

Designing a website is more than just having that ‘WOW’ website. More importantly it’s about designing a website with a clear purpose. Every website is totally different from the next. You may want a blog, or sell products and services or run a membership or forum. Each website will have a different set of requirements, a different target profile with different calls to actions.

Meeting the website requirements are critical in our design process and we do not just focus on designing a ‘WOW’ website.

The biggest factor is that you want it to meet your expectations in every respect—that’s what’s most important!

Which is why you’ll like StressLessWeb “Three-Stage” Guarantee

You don’t want to go from one end to the other end and realize, “I don’t like how this website has turned out”. So you’d want stages to make sure that you’re in control at every stage. Our “Three Stage Guarantee” shows you what to expect in every stage. You get an outline of what will be done at every stage, and then the stage will be rolled out. Only when you approve the stage and are happy, do we go ahead to the next stage. That gives you the surety that you’ll know exactly what’s happening and be in control of the rollout of the website.

So why work with StressLessWeb?

For one, you will get a custom website that not just suits your personality but also ensures that it targets your customers. A custom designed website is a website that is designed exclusively for you. It will NOT be a website that uses a predefined template or theme. Instead we will first ensure we understand your websites goals and target profile. And then custom design a website for your content and your specific requirements.

But what makes StressLessWeb unique is that we transfer the power and control to you as the website owner. When you get your website you will need to know how to run it. And what you’d need is documentation, so you know where to find things, how to manage the site and how to have the necessary tools to go forward. The more you have control, the more comfortable you’ll be.

And should you need ANY help, we’re always here to get rid of the “stress” 🙂.

Take a look at a few of the websites that we have designed.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

Their ‘custom’ approach extends to purpose build plug-ins for various bits of additional WordPress functionality

Paul Wolfe, UK
Musician, Coach

I never have major time problems despite the fact that we are as far apart in time zone terms as possible. For example the other day I foolishly ignored one of your cardinal pieces of advice ("Never touch the website when you've only just woken up and not had coffee!) and deleted a major piece of functionality that made most of my main website pages appear as nonsensical text strings.  I sent an email explaining the issue.  And then I had to walk the dog.  By the time I got back the issue was fixed and the website was working normally.

When I factor in that fast, reliable, no-fuss service I always get it makes using you guys for any website requirements I have an absolute no-brainer.  I can't ever envisage using anyone else and if it got to the point where you got so mega busy that you needed to limit the client work you took on, I hope you'd tell me in good time so I could sign up on retainer.

I’m struck by how organized and professional yet also relaxed and accommodating she is

Alison Beere, South Africa
Cartoonist, Teacher, Coach

Audrey doesn’t just say “Yes, we can do that for you” to anything that I ask her. Instead, she always comes back with a few questions of her own before she gives any input about expanding the functionality of my websites.

I expect the best and I get even more than that with Audrey and StressLessWeb.

Paul Oman, USA
Artist, Coach, Pastor

Trust.  This is it.  Audrey's long-term track record with me has proven that I can trust her.  This trust has been established through her attention to detail, professionalism, promptness, awareness of both the "big picture" of what I need along with the technical details, and the ability to meet any challenge with confidence and high-level competency.

Something that I really appreciate about you is getting back promptly and with a clear and direct message or solution to the problem. 

Alvaro & Ana Maria Castagnet, Uruguay
Watercolor Artist

I trust you as a competent and serious company. we have worked together for so many years and I believe your work is of high standards especially in the technical aspects. 

Your quotes are clear and very well designed. I admire your communication skills.

It took me a lot of heartache before finding StressLessWeb

Dennie Smith, UK

Not only are they friendly, approachable, professional they absolutely know their stuff.

I am in England and Audrey in New Zealand so I wondered if the relationship would work. But StressLessWeb is so efficient it has never been a problem.

All the time, I am approached with ideas how to improve my business, I send them to Audrey she never just acts on it. She will advise me against it if feels it’s not in my best interest. Including a recent blog post, I was sent, she read it and decided it was not suitable. So we didn’t add it. I trust her judgment 100%.

So what do I do next?

Let us know about your needs by filling out the form below and we will contact you shortly. Don’t worry, we will never sell your contact information. And we will never use it for any nefarious purposes 🙂

Tell us your needs and we’ll tell you how we can help. No strings attached.

If you need more information about our process, head on over to the how we work page.

We had no maintenance contract or website support at all. We’d just randomly update our sites when we remembered to do so. And this is considering our entire business depends on the website being up and running. This left a lot of holes in our website and we had a year from hell in 2014. We were hacked repeatedly on all our sites. We wasted a lot of time, money and energy just trying to keep the sites going. To try to fix things while running a business was in hindsight, a really silly thing to do.

Which is why we love the fact that we don’t have to look at anything now. We know that all the websites are looked after, the updates are taken care of and we get a clear notification when this activity has been completed. To have to simply do nothing is a rare kind of blessing. And we have it with StressLessWeb.

Overall, it’s been hard to trust developers. They promise one thing, deliver another. I’ve spent hours, days, even weeks trying to deal with what I can only call “obnoxious” behaviour. I’m very tech-savvy, but the tech world is expansive and yet the behaviour of many developers is to talk down, or completely ignore your requests.

StressLessWeb is exactly what it seems. There’s no talking down, there’s no obnoxious behaviour, but also there’s a clarity of communication. I know that if I ask for something, the pros and cons will be considered and we can move ahead. Even in an emergency (and there are always some emergencies) they work quickly and efficiently. And tirelessly, I might add.

I’m very slow to recommend anything to anyone. Yet, there are some businesses that are a treat to deal with. And StressLessWeb is one of them. Both Audrey and Mangesh put in their years of knowledge and make our experience seamless. Sometimes the best kind of service is unseen, working quietly and getting things done. And that’s what they do consistently. Work with them and you’ll see for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Sean D’Souza