A little about WordPress

WordPress is a Content management System (CMS) which is the software that is used to develop your website. With WordPress it is easy to make changes to your website. By logging into the WordPress dashboard you can manage the content of your website. The following steps gives you a brief glimpse of what the WordPress dashboard looks like.

Login to WordPress

Logging into WordPressLog onto the wordpress admin section of your website through the search bar, eg. www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin. The above window will appear asking for username and password

  1. Enter the Adminstrator User Name eg.: admin
  2. Enter the Administrator password
  3. Click on the ‘Log In’ button

Managing WordPress

Navigating Around WordPress

  1. After Step 1 you will be taken into the WordPress Dashboard. The Dashboard is the place where you can control all aspects of your WordPress website. You can see who is logged in here and how to log out.
  2. Points out that you are in the WordPress Dashboard
  3. The Posts option will let you add new Posts or modify existing Posts
  4. The Pages options wll let you add new Pages or modify existing Pages in your website
  5. The Comments option lets you see all comments that have been made and you can approve comments here
  6. The Thesis option is the theme which allows you to control the Menu, fonts, colors etc of your website

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