How To Add a Video to Your Simple:Press Forum Post


Have you ever bought a new car with all the latest gadgets. Each gadget in the car has it’s own set of instructions. And then you get to the instructions to using the satellite radio. But try as you might you can’t just get it to work.

Sometimes trying to figure out how to add a video to your new Simple:Press Forum post can be just as frustrating. You keep trying but you can never get it to display just right. So today we’re going to learn how to add that pesky video once and for all.

Here are 5 steps to adding a video

  1. Add/edit your post
  2. Add the video URL
  3. Save your post
  4. Check your video
  5. Edit your video just added (if needed)

Step 1: Add/Edit your post

We assume here that the video has already been uploaded(FTPed) to your website server and you know the file location.

Step 1: Edit Your Simple:Press Post

Step 1: Edit Your Simple:Press Post

  1. This is is the video we wish to embed into our post. I usually additionally create a link to the video in the post as this provides a link for anyone who is having some browser issues when playing the embedded video.
  2. Click on the ‘Embedded Media’ icon. Remember you can also embed audio.

Step 2: Add the Video URL

Step 2: Add The Url to your Simple:Press Post

Step 2: Add The Url

    1. Make sure you are on the ‘General’ tab.
    2. From the ‘Type’ dropdown menu select the right media player. QuickTime will usually play most media.

In the ‘File/URL’ type in URL to your video file
Enter the ‘Dimensions’ of your video. Remember if the video does not look right you can always come back and edit the option.

  1. Hit the ‘Insert’ button to insert the video into your post.

Step 3: Save your Post

Step 3 Save Your Simple:Press Post

Step 3 Save Your Simple:Press Post

  1. This is how your video will look after it is inserted into the post.
  2. Hit the ‘Save’ button to save your post. The ‘Preview’ button may not work as it sometimes takes a long time for the video to load.

Step 4: Check your Video

Step 4: Check Your Video

Step 4: Check Your Video

  1. Test your video to make sure it is working. As you can see here my video looks like this.

Step 5: Edit the Video just added (if needed)

Step 5: Edit The Video

Step 5: Edit The Video(if needed)

  1. Click on the video just added in the ‘Edit’ post screen.
  2. Click on the ‘Embedded Media’ icon.
  3. You can now edit any of the ‘General’ tab options. So if you find that ‘Dimensions you entered previously were not correct. You can change it here.
  4. Don’t forget to hit ‘Insert’ to save your changes or ‘Cancel’ to do nothing.

Finally here is how make changes to the Advanced Options

Advanced Options

Advanced Options

  1. Hit the ‘Advanced’ tab which is next to the ‘General’ tab when you click on the ‘Embedded Media’ icon.
  2. There are many advanced options. However the two that you might want to look at are :
    • ‘Cache’ – which will cache the video so that the second time a viewer plays the video, it will be played from the cache instead of downloading again.
    • The other option is ‘Auto Play’. Checking this box will start the movie without having the viewer to hit ‘Play’.

An explanation of all the other options can be be found here –

So to Summarize

Following the the 5 steps described above will soon have you inserting videos or any kind of media. And you will no longer have that pesky satellite radio issue again.

Does all this seem a little overwhelming? Feel free to contact me.

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