How to Add a New Event using ‘The Event’ calendar plugin

Here are 3 steps to adding an ‘Event’.

Step 1: Select ‘Add New’ from the Dashboard

Select Add New Event

Select Add New Event

  1. Click on Events under the ‘Dashboard’.
  2. Click on ‘Add New’ under Events.

Step 2: Add the new Event

How To Add an Event

How To Add an Event

  1. Add the Title of the Event.
  2. Add the contact details of the event. Click on the link, to learn how to create a link on a post.
  3. Check the ‘All day event’ check box.
  4. Enter the ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’.
  5. Enter the ‘Event Location Details’. If you do not know all the details, just leave it blank.
  6. Hit ‘Publish’ if you are just adding the event or ‘Update’ if you are editing an existing event.

Step 3: Here is the newly created event

How the event will look in the Event List

How the event will look in the Event Listing

This is how the event will look on the event listing on your website.

This event will also appear in the ‘Event list’ on your website.

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