How to Add a Post in WordPress

By adding a new post in WordPress, you can create new posts or articles and post it to your Blog. Your blog usually consists of regular articles that you post for your readers. It may be called a Blog or Articles or Tutorials etc on your website.

Creating a Post – Initial

How to add a Post in WordPress

  1. Click on the ‘Post’ Option in WordPress in the WordPress Dashboad. Then Click on ‘Add New’. This will bring up the ‘Add New Post’ Screen.
  2. Add your Post Title here.
  3. This is where you will add the content of your post.
  4. This is called the ‘Kitchen Sink’ and is really all the tools that you need to make your post pretty. Mouse over the icons to get an explaination of what each icon does. You can upload pictures, video etc wtih the different icons. Also make text bold or italics. On the RHS(right hand side) of the box you will notice 2 tabs ‘Visual’ and ‘HTML’. If you are copying your content from another editor. then it is important that you select the ‘HTML’ tab to paste your content. After you have pasted your content you can always switch back to the ‘Visual’ tab to insert images etc.
  5. The ‘Categories’ section wil probably have the default category preselected . Categories may have been  pre-created for you. It can be something like ‘Articles’ or ‘Blog Posts’ or Newsletters’. In this example a tutorial is being posted so ‘Tutorials is the category selected.
  6. Save this draft post as often as you want.
  7. You can preview this post by clicking on this button. A new tab will open in your browser with your new post. You can preview the post any number of times without it being visible to the outside world.
  8. Once you are satisfied with what your post looks like, hit the ‘Publish’ button and your post will become visible to the world.

Creating a Post – Adding SEO

How to add SEO to your post in WordPress
  1. Look for the SEO Details box. Different themes have slightly different ways of presenting the SEO Settings. Adding SEO tags help Search Engines find your post.
  2. If you do not enter anything here the title of your post will be used.You can instead write a 70 character long custom title about your post.
  3. Write a more detailed description of your post filling it with the keywords from the content of your post. This is very important for google searches but try not go over 150 characters.
  4. Add the keywords of your Post seperated by a comma. This box is being used less and less by search engines so focus more on points 2 and 3.
  5. Don’t forget to Publish your post or your changes will not be saved.

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