How to approve Comments

Comments are made by people who read your blog. Before a comment can be seen on your website you first have to approve the comment.

Approve Comments on you WordPress Website

    1. You will get an email telling you that there is a new comment. You should first login into the WordPress Dashboard. Under the ‘Comment’s section on the LHS(left hand side) a number 1 appears next to ‘Comments’. This tells you that you have a new comment waiting your approval. Clicking on ‘Comments’ will bring up a list of all your comments.


    1. The new comment will appear at the top of your list. You can see who is the author of the new comment under the ‘Author’ column. The actual comment is visible under the ‘Comment’ column. The ‘In Response To’ column tells you where in your webite the ‘Comment’ was made.


  1. If you want this comment to appear on your website you can ‘Approve’ the comment by clicking on ‘Approve’. If you wish to reply to this comment, click on ‘Reply’. Your reply will also appear on your website but only after you hit ‘Approve’. If you think this is ‘Spam’ then click on it. Hitting ‘Spam’ tells WordPress to mark further comments from that author as spam. Hitting the ‘Trash’ link will delete the Comment. It is good idea to delete useless comments.


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