How to use the GetMeCooking Recipe Template plugin

If your website has been setup with the GetMeCooking Recipe plugin the following documentation, will help you add/edit new recipes.

Please Note: The documentation has been created by GetMeCooking.

How to add a new Recipe to your website

Step 1: First you need to create the recipe. Follow the Create the new recipe steps.

Step 2: Next you need to make the recipe visible on your website. This could be your recipe blog. Follow the Add the Recipe to your Post steps to do this.

When adding the recipe to your post, make sure you assign it to the right category. In most cases the category would be ‘recipes’. To learn how to  assign a category to a post, read my tutorial on How to assign a category to a post.

Step 3: Finally just like creating any posts, don’t forget to add the meta tags for SEO.

Editing an Existing Recipe

A recipe can be edited at any time even after it has already been published on your website. You just need to edit the actual recipe by following the Edit the Recipe steps.


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