Marc’s Massage

Healing and Massage have been a lifelong passion for Marc. But Marc doesn’t just massage, he provides a healing therapy.Marc is also a pastry chef by profession and has incorporated his healing attitude into a love for good, wholesome, revitalizing food.Marc’s website included several different elements which made it fun — It had a Forum open to Free Registrants, Integration with Mailchimp for his Newsletter, a Gift Certificate which can be purchased via PayPal, and even a Recipe blog where the Recipes are displayed using Custom Post Types (Use of Custom Post Types means that Marc can simply fill in special form fields and the recipe gets displayed in a specific format).

Within two days of the website going live Marc started receiving enquiries and customers through the website! Yay!

Along with having multiple talents, Marc is also very ambitious! No sooner was his Massage website live, Marc started pushing to get his next project off the ground — A Health Food Shop where you an buy health foods, organic fruit and vegetable, vitamins and supplements, and personal and home care products. That promises to be fun as well! 🙂