Rochester International Dance Studio

Rochester International Dance Studio is run by Sadiya who has a passion for dance – and for providing a fun, safe, and accepting dance studio for women and families.

In 2002, Sadiya suffered a head injury at a fundraiser for her nonprofit. It was a freak accident that changed her life completely. During her rehabilitation, her physical therapist suggested that she take a dance class to help in the recovery. She found a local belly dance teacher in North Carolina (Aziza Fadwa) and the journey began.

Because of this experience, Sadiya and her dance studio specializes in the compassionate acceptance of injury, chronic illness, life transitions, lack of coordination or any other potential obstacle that keeps the rest of us from pursuing the joys of dance.

She is especially cognizant of the importance of service for and acceptance of all women.

Not to mention Sadiya is technically savvy and not afraid of diving into the innards of WordPress. This made it a breeze to work with Sadiya 🙂 !

Rochester International Dance Studio has been re-branded as Third Eye Tribal.