Simple:Press – Take a Brief Tour

Have you every entered a departmental store and looked around with confusion, wondering what to next. And then you see the directory and you breathe a sigh of relief. Now you can figure out what to do next.

Well, this short tour will quickly help you figure out what to do next when you first get to the Simple:Press Forum.

Step 1: Login to the Forum as the Admininstrator

Login to the forum

Login to the forum

  1. Login to the Forum as the Administrator.
  2. Enter your Login name and Password.
  3. Click on Login.

Step 2: Understand the different buttons

Forum Options

Forum Options

  1. ‘Admin Links’-  These are links to the backend of the Forum. From the backend you can add new forums, permission rights etc.
  2. The ‘Profile’ button will let you to change certain profile options.
  3. ‘Members’ will give you list of all Forum Members.
  4. ‘Watching’ will list all new respones to topics that you are watching.
  5. ‘Subscribed’ will list all new respones to topics that you are subscribed to.
  6. ‘View New Posts’ will list all new posts. This list can help you quickly approve (moderate) topics.
  7. ‘Unread’ tells you how many posts remain unread.
  8. ‘Need Moderation’ tells you how many posts that need to be moderated.
  9. ‘New/ Recently Updated Topics’ will list new topics.
  10. ‘Select a Forum’ lets you jump quickly to any topic.
  11. This is the name of the entire group. Think of it as big container which contains lots of forums.
  12. A forum in the ‘Free Group’. There can be any number of forums. Every forum can have any number of Topics. And each Topic can have any number of posts.
  13. Will tell you how many Topics are in a particular forum. And also how many posts.
  14. Will tell you when the last post was made.
  15. Statistical Summary.

There you are

Now, just like that department directory, this short tour will help you find your way in Simple:Press.

Still have questions, just shoot me an email through our Contact Form.

Looking for a User Guide for your members?

We have created an e-book to make it easy for members of your Simple:Press forum to get started. You can find more information here.