Testimonial Category: Custom Plugin Development

It took me a lot of heartache before finding StressLessWeb.

Not only are they friendly, approachable, professional they absolutely know their stuff.

I am in England and Audrey in New Zealand so I wondered if the relationship would work. But StressLessWeb is so efficient it has never been a problem.

All the time, I am approached with ideas how to improve my business, I send them to Audrey she never just acts on it. She will advise me against it if feels it’s not in my best interest. Including a recent blog post, I was sent, she read it and decided it was not suitable. So we didn’t add it. I trust her judgment 100%.

After being seriously ripped off by 3 previous incompetent designers, I was recommended to Audrey and was the best decision I ever made. I seriously worry what I would do if Audrey retired (Ha! Ha!). My business is purely online, so the website is my business and I rely on having a good team.

As I said, it took me a lot of heartache before finding Stressless. In fact, we recently added an external identity platform and Audrey was actually helping them solve problems!

I can’t recommend StressLessWeb enough.

Audrey was totally transparent from the off, and EVERY step of the way kept me posted.

My previous experiences with web designers have been horrendous. StressLessWeb is now my 5th and final web designer in under a year. The previous companies have delayed my business from launching and been very costly.

My business is solely run from a website, (online dating agency) so it was vital to get it right. They have all proved to be totally incompetent and have all promised they can complete my brief and taken my money in full yet not delivered each time leaving me in the lurch.

I also was slightly worried about the distance as I’m in England, but that hasn’t proved a problem at all.

I was recommended to StressLessWeb, the only obstacle has been my existing designer not handing everything over to Audrey and her team. This also proved agony, it took over 3 months of constant chasing. But Audrey was a complete star and did it, remaining calm throughout.

Honesty I just can’t praise StressLessWeb enough!! Audrey was totally transparent from the off, and EVERY step of the way kept me posted. I honestly wake up every day and look forward to hearing from her.

Honestly, professionalism and just so good at what they do. Anything I’ve asked they’ve completed it and with speed. I am sure I have driven Audrey mad at times, often changing my mind re-design but she has always been so helpful.

Again considering we are opposite ends of the world, communication has not been an issue AT all, better than any other company I have worked with.

Would I recommend, OMG my world would literally collapse if I didn’t have StressLessWeb, I could not of got this far.. they have gone above and beyond the call of duty. I just wish I was nearer as would love to give Audrey a hug!!

Finally you may well think this is OTT, but you need to understand how dire my situation was before StressLessWeb.. one designer after the other basically taking my money and blagging etc. One failed launch date already, so once I had StressLessWeb on board my business is now finally taking off.

I can’t recommend them enough.. professional, honest, reliable, respectful, reasonable and polite and listens!!! And dam clever!

If you’re not a designer – and not a website coder – then don’t waste time trying to work it out yourself.

This has taken me wayyyyy too long to learn and start implementing.

For years I was the archetypal one man band – I did everything for my website. Filmed the videos. Edited the videos. Uploaded the videos. Wrote articles. Wrote autoresponders. I create 50 plus pages of content a week for my membership magazine – I do all that too. Program the websites etc. etc. etc……

When I was getting started I had to do it all myself. There was no budget to outsource to anyone else. But I held onto mindset wayyyyy too long.

Case in point: my website needed extensive redeveloping and redesigning. And it was put off for at least 9 months because I didn’t have the website skills to do it. And I set myself the task of learning those skills….but it turned out I didn’t have the time to learn to do it properly.

So in the end I contacted Audrey from StressLessWeb. We chatted via email. And she ended up doing what was needed – the initial website took about 6 weeks for her to put the framework in place.

I was really pleased with the result – but much more importantly it allowed me to implement some stuff that have increased sales. So the investment I made in Audrey has already been paid off at least ten fold.

StressLessWeb did a great job with the website and I’m really pleased. If you’re not a designer – and not a website coder – then don’t waste time trying to work it out yourself. Email Audrey! If you need to, run a sale to pay for her services. And continue down this path.