Testimonial Category: The Stressfree SSL Package

A great price point anyone can afford, I took the plunge!

Kevin Namaky
Gurulocity, LLC

When I started my own business last year, like most entrepreneurs I started out fast – including getting my website up and running quickly. I was really happy with the site, until… I started hearing (reading) rumblings about how Google was using security as an SEO signal… Uh oh! I never set up my site with an SSL certificate when I launched. At the time I figured I was saving a little money. [This is where I started kicking myself a bit for not setting up the with with SSL to begin with.]

These rumblings continue to grow and soon, if you don’t have a secure website, you are going to feel it in your Google rankings. It’s cost of entry to get in the game. And for a business like mine who’s marketing strategy prioritizes organic search – that’s a scary thing.

When I started doing a little homework I came across a helpful article written by Audrey.

Her expertise shined through immediately. It didn’t take too much time for her to convince me to get it done and that she’s the right person to do it. And at a great price point anyone can afford, I took the plunge.

To put it simply, working with Audrey has been the easiest experience I could have imagined.

Only two days after buying her SSL services through her website, everything was DONE. Not only was every page on my site “fixed” with secure https addresses, but Audrey even went into my Google Analytics and Search Console accounts for me and claimed/submitted the new site, reconnected everything and made sure it was all in good working order. She even found a couple of mistakes I had made on my pages (unrelated to SSL) that she kindly fixed for me without me having to ask, and even though it wasn’t “in scope.”

The only reason I had to contact Audrey after those first two days was with my non-techie questions that I’m sure anyone else would roll their eyes at. But Audrey was extremely nice, never made me feel dumb, answered all my questions quickly and made me feel confident.

I will definitely contact Audrey again for future web site work.