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Not only do I get solutions “out of the box” but I can also get custom solutions

Paul Wolfe
Musician, Coach

Back in 2018 I think it was, there was a problem with one of the websites. The membership site software had auto upgraded and wasn't doing what it was supposed to. You guys were on a family trip and were away for a couple of days at a weekend. So I thought I would try and dig into the issue and see if I could fix it myself.

I filed a ticket with the company that made the software, told them the issue, asked a couple of questions and waited for their answers so I could make some progress.

Their answer came totally out of left field.  They said something like: "our membership software doesn't have that function you are talking about, so we're not sure how we can help you."

Now I KNEW that the function that I'd asked about worked on my site...because I'd been using it for two years.  When you returned from your trip I got an email from you guys who said: they are kind of right, their software doesn't do that out of the box. But I wrote some code so it would. And the update wasn't recognizing that code, so I've updated it and everything is back to normal.

So if I've got website issues not only do I get solutions "out of the box" (i.e. as the software company intended) but I can also get custom solutions that don't require "from the ground up" software development with the commensurate costs in terms of both time and money.

That 'custom' approach also extends to purpose build plug-ins for various bits of additional WordPress functionality.

On top of that I never have major time problems despite the fact that we are as far apart in time zone terms as possible. For example the other day I foolishly ignored one of your cardinal pieces of advice ("Never touch the website when you've only just woken up and not had coffee!) and deleted a major piece of functionality that made most of my main website pages appear as nonsensical text strings.  I sent an email explaining the issue and what I thought needed doing to fix the problem.  And then I had to walk the dog.  By the time I got back the issue was fixed and the website was working normally.

When I factor in that fast, reliable, no-fuss service I always get it makes using you guys for any website requirements I have an absolute no-brainer.  I can't ever envisage using anyone else and if it got to the point where you got so mega busy that you needed to limit the client work you took on, I hope you'd tell me  in good time so I could sign up on retainer

It took me a lot of heartache before finding StressLessWeb.

Dennie Smith
Geek Meet Club

Not only are they friendly, approachable, professional they absolutely know their stuff.

I am in England and Audrey in New Zealand so I wondered if the relationship would work. But StressLessWeb is so efficient it has never been a problem.

All the time, I am approached with ideas how to improve my business, I send them to Audrey she never just acts on it. She will advise me against it if feels it’s not in my best interest. Including a recent blog post, I was sent, she read it and decided it was not suitable. So we didn’t add it. I trust her judgment 100%.

After being seriously ripped off by 3 previous incompetent designers, I was recommended to Audrey and was the best decision I ever made. I seriously worry what I would do if Audrey retired (Ha! Ha!). My business is purely online, so the website is my business and I rely on having a good team.

As I said, it took me a lot of heartache before finding Stressless. In fact, we recently added an external identity platform and Audrey was actually helping them solve problems!

I can’t recommend StressLessWeb enough.

I’m struck by how organized and professional yet also relaxed and accommodating she is.

Alison Beere
Cartoonist, Teacher, Coach
South Africa

Audrey doesn’t just say “Yes, we can do that for you” to anything that I ask her. Instead, she always comes back with a few questions of her own before she gives any input about expanding the functionality of my websites. For example, recently I was sure I needed a membership management system and I asked Audrey to give me a quote to install that. Instead she sent me to compare two possibilities and it became clear that I only needed a learning management system rather than a membership management. That was extremely helpful to me; it would have taken me weeks of research to figure that out on my own (assuming I made the time to do so — I probably would have put it off for months).

One of the things I enjoy about working with Audrey is her proactiveness. She’s flexible but she sets time frames and follows up with you long beforehand to make sure you are still on track to keep to them. It keeps me inching forward on my business development because I know she has scheduled time in her calendar to complete something for me and having an external deadline focuses my attention.

Whenever I interact with Audrey I’m struck by how organized and professional yet also relaxed and accommodating she is. She’s not your average small business web developer — she’s much more substantial than that — but not in an intimidating way.

I feel lucky to have her in my corner, to be honest. And her fees strike me as extremely reasonable for the depth of expertise she offers.

I expect the best and I get even more than that with Audrey and StressLessWeb.

Paul Oman
Artist, Teacher, Coach

Trust. This is it. Audrey's long-term track record with me has proven that I can trust her. This trust has been established through her attention to detail, professionalism, promptness, awareness of both the "big picture" of what I need along with the technical details, and the ability to meet any challenge with confidence and high-level competency.

Audrey is always there for me to answer questions promptly, with technical understanding to solve every issue I have ever had over the past six years since she built my initial site. She consistently makes me aware of valuable business ideas and opportunities for my consideration, showing me how these ideas can benefit my business and integrated into my site.

I expect the best and I get even more than that with Audrey and StressLessWeb. Audrey is always several steps ahead of me in anticipating growth, challenges, my audience responses, potential hackers, and more. She monitors my site constantly, making me aware of any suspicious activities or sales follow-ups that I may need to make. Absolutely superb service and client care.

When asked, "Who would you recommend?", I immediately and without hesitation direct people to Audrey and StressLessWeb. The name, "Stressless" has proven to be true, giving me time to focus on the things I need to focus on in my business.

I continue to choose StressLessWeb, and recommend them to anyone who asks about web development or service.