I had a negative experience working with several web designers prior to finding StressLessWeb.

Terri Allred
Owner, Instructor and Performer

I had spent a lot of money only to have a web site that I could not use. It was seriously impeding my ability to operate my business. So, the obstacle was a fundamental distrust of web design professionals. I had also spent so much money already, that I was worried that any exceptional service would be out of my price range.

I am no longer held hostage by my web site

Audrey listened to my ideas and what I hoped to accomplish and translated that into a web site that is easy to navigate, fun to visit and a joy to update. Previously, it was so difficult to manage my web site, that I had personal anxiety and avoidance of doing anything web related.

She treated me like an intelligent person who just needed accurate information. She gave me that information in multiple formats (video and written) and was available to answer my questions when I didn’t understand. Most importantly, she taught me how to manage and interact with my web site in order to meet my business goals.

Now it is a pleasure to update my web site and I work on it several times a week because it is so simple and I have such a sense of accomplishment. This has resulted in a much happier owner (myself) and happier consumers because my web site is dynamic and entertaining. As an extra bonus, my business is much higher in SEO rankings because of the constant updates.

It is hard to determine a specific feature because there were three things that I really liked

First, Audrey is an incredibly easy person to work with. She thinks clearly, articulates herself well and was incredibly responsive to my needs. Her translation of what I wanted my web site to accomplish into the actual site was flawless.

Secondly, I really liked receiving a “road map” of how she was going to take my current site and transform it into the new site. It helped me think more clearly about what I wanted and we were able to identify several areas to modify as a result of the clear and easy to understand plan.

Finally, the follow up service provided a safety net for me as I was learning how to update, edit and manipulate the web site myself. I think that was the most valuable, however without such great features (1 and 2) that would have been irrelevant.


Audrey is easy to communicate with, pleasant to work with, patient, kind and understanding. Of course you want your web designer to be knowledgeable, and Audrey is. The unique feature of Stress Less Web is that Audrey, is so easy to work with that the process really, truly, is not stressful. It was pleasant!

I would recommend and have recommended Stress Less Web to anyone who will listen

Whether it was verbally, via social media or through professional organizations.

Audrey changed the way I viewed the entire profession of web designers. My experience was so positive, that I feel compelled to tell others about it, particularly when I hear that they are having difficulty with their web designer.

I have had such a positive experience

I feel so much better about the face of my business, my web site. As a small business owner, I don’t have the resources to have a web designer work on the daily updates necessary to run a successful web site. I needed to know how to do that myself. In the past, web designers were literally holding me hostage demanding more money and refusing to teach me to be self sufficient.

Now I truly am in charge of my business and the messages that I present to the public.

Thank you Audrey!