I needed to find a WordPress web developer that I could trust to listen to me and not steamroller over me, and that is not always easy. I had been dithering for ages… nearly four months actually.

Alison Beere
Cartoonist, Coach
South Africa

I was starting a new business and I did not want to use the web platform I had used before. I know enough to value and recognise good design, even if I can’t specify it clearly. But I knew I couldn’t do the job satisfactorily myself

Cost was an obstacle for me. I live in South Africa and our currency is worth peanuts when you are paying in USD. As it was, I more than tripled my budget, but I did it because I felt confident that you would do a great job.

The waitlist was slightly longer than I had hoped – as I had already put off getting another developer because they were going on holiday! But overall it made sense to me – a good web professional is not sitting waiting for work, they need to have a project schedule. And having the lead time gave me breathing space to come up with all the content for my site – which is essential to avoid crazy development delays.

I could see that Audrey had a process and she sent me checklists instead of just saying “send me all the content for your website”. I know plenty about websites, but I am a scatterbrain and the more complex and long-term the project, the more likely I am to drop a number of balls.

Audrey’s pointers kept me comfortably on track, without being bossy or scary.

Since you are a day behind me, which meant I always had Monday to play catch up if I had a deliverable! By the same token, you were really proactive about sending me stuff by the end of your Friday if you wanted an answer for the new week.

You really ‘listened between the lines’ of the example sites I sent you. So you gave me a clean, modern, sleek site with all the functionality I wanted.
And your original quote included social media stuff and optimizing for mobile and various other things before I even asked for them.

It was a great experience. Your technical expertise made me feel very comfortable, and your clear, kind communication made dealing with you a pleasure.

In comparison to other US based web developers, I’d say you are exceedingly competitively priced, too.

I would have to add that my site is really beautiful and I feel proud of it. Thanks again!