I really like that StressLessWeb made things better and didn’t just say, “well, that’s what you wanted”.

Gary Crowley

I knew I wanted a very clean and professional looking website. After trying to do it myself and failing, the trick was to find someone who could both understand what I wanted and be capable of producing a finished product that I was truly happy with.

I needed:

  • the rare combination of someone who can understand what I wanted, but who then would be able to apply their own creativity to the project to make it beautiful.
  • to believe that my website designer really understood the aesthetic and vision I had in mind.
  • them to be creative enough to do “their thing” (building my website), so I could spend my time doing “my thing” (writing books, articles, etc.).
  • someone who would fill in the gaps in areas where “I don’t even know what I don’t know” about building a website, instead of merely following my semi-informed lead on building a website.

I absolutely appreciated, that Audrey was very patient when answering my questions about technical issues that I don’t understand, even if it took more than one email. I found her to be very patient and understanding.

The initial questionnaire about “what kind of website I want” was very important. Helping me to get clear on the look, feel, and functionality of the site was very helpful.

Audrey really listened to what I wanted, and adjusted along the way as things changed here and there.

Also, I appreciate that she took the lead in a few areas that needed to be done differently for better functionality. I really like that Audrey made things better and didn’t just say, “well, that’s what you wanted.”

I learned that I can now relax and learn WordPress at my own pace because if I need any work done as I go along, I can have StressLessWeb do it until I learn how to do basic things myself. It’s a big relief.

It’s great to have the people who actually built my website be the ones who maintain it. They know the ins and outs of the entire site. And since I’m on their monthly maintenance program, they take care of ALL the updates, so I can spend my time working in my business, and not working on my website.

And the StressLess monthly maintenance program also puts me first in line, at reduced cost, when I need work done on my site, which is an added bonus.

I didn’t mind having to wait about two weeks for you to begin my project, and about a month to complete it.

It was definitely worth the wait. I would have waited longer, but I’m not sure how much more than a month I would have wanted to wait.

I would definitely recommend StressLessWeb. You’ve been professional, creative, responsive to my specific needs, and timely with all the work you’ve done.

I really couldn’t be more pleased.

I look forward to working with you and recommending you to others!