I was unfamiliar with the process involved in building a website–and you were so far away!

Jenny Friedland
PSYCHformation Practice

I felt I was jumping in the deep end with this website.
I didn’t know you well enough. I didn’t know your work process either. And you're being so far away in California.

I felt we were both jumping into the deep end.

But those doubts didn’t stay around for long.

What impressed me was your reliability, punctuality and efficiency was there from the beginning of the project until the end. You never faltered in your delivery, advice, support and guided me through a very scary process.

I really liked your dedication, motivation and your ability to find information out and your “nothing is a problem” kind of attitude. I keep talking about you – the relationship, advice and support that we build up, through the cyberspace, is what stood out for me the most. I have come out with a website that I am thrilled with, it is easy to navigate, looks professional, I have had great feedback about it already – but your attitude was the best part of the service. From the time I made contact with you until I was live was only 3 weeks. You did an amazing job.

I would wholehearted and absolutely recommend your service to anyone, I already have. You really do live up to your name “Stressless” web.

Thank you both for your hard work, for having so much fun, for nothing being too much of a problem, and for making this scary process easy.