Join the Journey had a functioning web site, but it was not user friendly.

Terri Allred
Executive Director
Join The Journey

Even our Board of Directors couldn’t find what they were looking for!
The site that we had was static and I wanted a living, breathing site that would create a hub in our community.

I had worked with StressLessWeb before and knew what incredible work Audrey created
All I had to do was show my Board of Directors the previous work that Audrey had done and they were immediately convinced.

Our volunteers, clients and friends in the community have all praised our web site for being easy to use, full of information and visually pleasing. They love being able to go to the web site for “one stop shopping” to learn about upcoming events, read articles that are relevant to our organization and our bigger mission (breast cancer support) and to connect with others.

It is hard to narrow it down to just one thing that I like about StressLessWeb
First, I really like the detailed proposal so that I can see before we even begin, what Audrey is planning to do. She listens to what I want and then translates it into a proposal that outlines how the web site will be structured. That allows the client to make adjustments before the work begins and to get a full picture of the end product.

Second, I love the ability to work with the web site once it is completed to make even more final adjustments.

Utilizing the sandbox technology, I am able to see and navigate the web site prior to it going “live.”

Finally, I LOVE the follow up service as I am getting to know my web site. It is so comforting to know that in the first few weeks, I can get questions answered and clarifications on how to utilize the web site.

I often forget how to make changes in Word Press, if they are not regular updates
I have a notebook filled with instructional directions on how to do literally EVERYTHING that I need to do to edit my website. I love being able to refer to that notebook (or on line through my client account). This gives me the confidence to know that I have instructions in case I get confused or can’t remember.

Audrey is so knowledgeable and friendly. She is a pleasure to work with! And would be happy to talk to anyone personally.

Thanks Audrey!