Sometimes the best kind of service is unseen, working quietly and getting things done

Sean D’Souza

We had no maintenance contract or website support at all. We’d just randomly update our sites when we remembered to do so. And this is considering our entire business depends on the website being up and running. This left a lot of holes in our website and we had a year from hell in 2014. We were hacked repeatedly on all our sites. We wasted a lot of time, money and energy just trying to keep the sites going. To try to fix things while running a business was in hindsight, a really silly thing to do.

Which is why we love the fact that we don’t have to look at anything now. We know that all the websites are looked after, the updates are taken care of and we get a clear notification when this activity has been completed. To have to simply do nothing is a rare kind of blessing. And we have it with StressLessWeb.

Overall, it’s been hard to trust developers. They promise one thing, deliver another. I’ve spent hours, days, even weeks trying to deal with what I can only call “obnoxious” behaviour. I’m very tech-savvy, but the tech world is expansive and yet the behaviour of many developers is to talk down, or completely ignore your requests.

StressLessWeb is exactly what it seems. There’s no talking down, there’s no obnoxious behaviour, but also there’s a clarity of communication. I know that if I ask for something, the pros and cons will be considered and we can move ahead. Even in an emergency (and there are always some emergencies) they work quickly and efficiently. And tirelessly, I might add.

I’m very slow to recommend anything to anyone. Yet, there are some businesses that are a treat to deal with. And StressLessWeb is one of them. Both Audrey and Mangesh put in their years of knowledge and make our experience seamless. Sometimes the best kind of service is unseen, working quietly and getting things done. And that’s what they do consistently. Work with them and you’ll see for yourself. You won’t regret it.