The process before design is key, there is a lot of discovery in order to head in the right design direction first.

Frank Michel
Co-Founder: Brandywine Mergers & Acquisitions, LLC.
Founder: Exit Decisions

We always had our sites “pieced” together with designers and our own efforts. Problem was the design part was a onetime event and eventually our ability keep up ran its course. It really hit the fan when both of our sites were hit by attacks and any providers we had were of limited help. It gave us a reason and push to look to update, renew, and take it more seriously. That’s how we found Audrey and StressLessWeb.

I will say, my partner was a bit concerned about a designer halfway across the globe, we had trouble managing one only one state away. Also, since I found Audrey via Psychotactics, we were a bit concerned about costs and possible “overkill” for our needs.

Audrey put those concerns at rest right away helping us understand each project is different, different companies, different clients and prospects, different purposes. Not only that but, StressLessWeb’s pricing was fair and even more importantly, straightforward and clear. No “ it might cost X, or it could run over”.

I also thought is was actually a plus that Audrey schedules her design projects tightly, which means you may have to wait but in a project that time is yours.

The StressLessWeb website creation process also made us revisit who is looking at our site and why. On top of that, what we wanted out of it. Our industry has the tendency to say too much, maybe trying to show how tough it is or something. This redesign allowed us to drill down our message, tighten things up.

It was refreshing and reenergizing to dig back into the basics, the “whys”.

It was also refreshing that StressLessWeb doesn’t simply grab a template and wedge you into it. The process before design is key, there is a lot of discovery in order to head in the right design direction first.

The Benefits of Working with StressLessWeb

You shouldn’t overlook the flexibility too, while something may be designed Audrey was always open to change or our suggestions, even colors and layouts.

A nice surprise, although it shouldn’t be, was Audrey’s skill in the marketing side, she has a really strong ability to distill what you are trying to do and what your target market needs to hear. I don’t think you get that with most web designers.

I will definitely recommend StressLessWeb, already have actually. I also have two more sites (family members) that will be coming up soon.

Thanks Audrey, for making some beautiful and purposeful sites for our firm.