You answer succinctly and don’t make me feel stupid if I don’t understand something

Stephanie Philp
Head Consultant
Inside your Mind
New Zealand

I had a 5 year+ WordPress website that had been set up by someone who presented himself as an expert. He wasn’t. It was unwieldy more a lot more complicated than I required. It was difficult to manage and no instruction was given. Then the developer left town leaving me to manage it on my own for the last 4.5 years.

I was constrained by a budget, and it was even more important that I stuck to it due to loss of earnings during the COVID-19 pandemic. And I didn’t mind being put on a wait-list. In fact we had to reschedule
2 or 3 times because of my commitments.

I really love the site. It’s bright and cheerful, clean with splashes of colour which reflect my brand. It’s easy to navigate and feedback from clients had been positive.

The Benefits of Working with StressLessWeb

  • You answer succinctly and don’t make me feel stupid if I don’t understand something.
  •  When I gave you feedback on this and suggested something else, you immediately made the changes, which look great. So your responsiveness and flexibility I guess.
  • You answered all my questions and came back with questions of your own, which clarified my thinking. You offered suggestions that were also useful.

I Absolutely would recommend StressLessWeb. Your IT pedigree and the initial questionnaire you sent out was very professional and made me feel comfortable. I hadn’t seen anything like that before. Reading your other testimonials also helped settle my mind; I was so worried I’d be left to my own devices, especially after my previous website experience.

I’m really happy with the site and almost as happy to know you’ll take care of the back end for me while I concentrate on running my business.