There is a new WordPress update: How you should Proceed

So you have heard the buzz about a new WordPress release but where do you go to find out if it’s true?

Every so often WordPress will put out a new release. There could be a variety of reasons for this security updates or new functionality etc. You will know there is a new release when you login to your WordPress dashboard. The top of your dashboard will look this:

Screenshot of WordPress upgrade message

WordPress Upgrade Message on the Dashboard

  1. Clicking on ‘WordPress 4.7.2’ will take you to the WordPress site and will give you more information about this update.
  2. Clicking on ‘Please update now’ will take you to the update screen. STOP! You only want to do this when you are absolutely sure.

What to do before upgrading your website?

Here are few points to follow before upgrading.

  1. Check when the update was released. And read what the update is about. The above step will help you get there.
  2. I recommend you wait a couple of weeks before updating your website to the new release. This way if there are any major bugs other people will report it to WordPress and your website will not suffer for it.
  3. If however WordPress states that it is a security update and tells you to update immediately, then you should update your website as soon as possible.
  4. Remember before doing any update, take a complete backup of your website.

Ready to upgrade WordPress

When you are ready to upgrade, click on ‘Please update now’ as shown above and follow the prompts. WordPress will do the rest.
Once the upgrade is complete, test your website to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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